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APR 2.5 TFSI Software

Jun 18, 2018
APR is pleased to present the 2.5 TFSI EA855 EVO ECU Upgrade found in the new Audi RS3 and TT RS. We anticipate full details will be released to the public on Wednesday, June 13th, at which time you may share the information to your customers. Software will be available in all markets at once around the globe at the release.

The APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade will offer up to 542 HP without any hardware modifications. The upgrade supports our ECMS program switching via the cruise-control stalk and APR Mobile program switching via our mobile app. The upgrade supports the following fuel grades:
  • 91 AKI / 95 RON
  • 93 AKI / 98 RON
  • 100 AKI / 104 RON
  • 104 AKI / 108 RON
  • E85

The APR Plus ECU Upgrade will also release at the same time. This upgrade is the same as our Stage 1 91 octane software, but it includes a factory term limit matching APR Plus Limited Powertrain Warranty. This is only available in the USA. If you’re not up to speed on APR Plus, please reach out to your account rep for more details on the program.
In the coming months, multiple ECU and TCU stages, supporting hardware upgrades such as downpipes, fueling and drop-in turbochargers, will follow.
Stage NAR Fuel ROW Fuel Max HP Max TQ Max HP Gain Over Stock Max TQ Gain Over Stock
Stock As Reported by Audi 91 AKI 95 RON 394 HP 354 FT-LBS    
Stock As Measured by APR 93 AKI 98 RON 420 HP 372 FT-LBS    
APR Plus 91 AKI 95 RON 459 HP 451 FT-LBS +66 HP +88 FT-LBS
APR Stage I 91 AKI 95 RON 459 HP 451 FT-LBS +66 HP +88 FT-LBS
APR Stage I 93 AKI 98 RON 476 HP 470 FT-LBS +86 HP +108 FT-LBS
APR Stage I - 102 RON 491 HP 475 FT-LBS +98 HP +112 FT-LBS
APR Stage I 100 AKI 104 RON 516 HP 498 FT-LBS +106 HP +137 FT-LBS
APR Stage I 104 AKI 108 RON 524 HP 506 FT-LBS +113 HP +146 FT-LBS
APR Stage I E85 E85 542 HP 500 FT-LBS +132 HP +134 FT-LBS

Stage Price
APR Plus ECU Upgrade with an APR Plus Limited Powertrain Warranty $1,899.99
APR Stage 1ECU Upgrade $999.99
APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade Coming Soon
APR Stage 3 ECU Upgrade Coming Soon
- Add APR EMCS Program Switching (Fully Loaded) $149.99

A note on power output: The factory RS3 and TTRS intercooler is tiny and susceptible to heat soak on the dyno, even with decent cooling fans. We’ve calibrated the ECU to pull back power to protect the engine during high IAT dyno pulls. For customers looking to get the most out of their vehicle, we highly recommend our upcoming intercooler system.

A note on E85: Our E85 software is not a full flex fuel program. In this mode the engine is only designed to work on E85, as found directly at the pump, including both summer and winter blends from E60-E85. Using traditional pump fuels in this mode may result in engine damage. Do not manually blend with traditional pump gasoline (87, 91, 93 (R+M)/2, etc) or race fuels. To ensure proper E85 content levels, APR recommends using an E85 content sensor.

Thank you and Go APR!