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CETE Active Suspension Control - Audi Q5/SQ5 FY Air Suspension

CETE Active Suspension Control - Audi Q5/SQ5 FY Air Suspension

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Easy opportunity for lowering your car with air suspension via a smartphone app.

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Active Suspension Control - Audi Q5/SQ5 FY Air Suspension

Using the active suspension control module from CETE gives you the ability to use the full range of the air suspension in your Audi and control it with the factory drive select controls. You are able to set each drive select suspension mode to a unique ride height set by you using the smartphone app. This is able to be lowered, raised by the millimeter or put back to stock. With the new system using bluetooth it connects to your phone without having to switch wifi signals to access the controller. With no other buttons or switches needed in the interior of your car the Cete Suspension Control Module is a super discrete way to have your ride height customization in the palm of your hands.

The show mode function gives you the ability to lower the car to the maximum level with the touch of one button in the smartphone app. The full drive select system stays intact and does not interfere with all the other wireless and bluetooth functions within your vehicle.



  • Complete full range control of ride height
  • Drive Select stays fully functional
  • Updated intuitive and simple to use app
  • Bluetooth connection to app makes for easy use
  • Apps available for both Apple IOS and Android OS
  • Fully user programmable system
  • Features balance control without need for adaptation
  • Speed sensitive suspension programmability
  • Show mode allows for a fully slammed appearance
  • Plug In - Tapping of Two Wires is Required


Functions of the Active Suspension App for car lowering
With the free smartphone app further functions are available:
  • Total control
    You are still able to control your air suspension via the Audi MMI.
  • Audi Drive Select
    You are free to adjust every Drive Select Mode by different values.
  • Switch Off Speed
    With the help of our app you are able to set a speed limit. Exceeding this speed will put your vehicle to the original height.
  • Show Mode
    You are on a tuning meeting and want the car to have a particular depth? Just check out the Show Mode and your vehicle goes downwards as desired.
  • Exact adjustment
    Did you notice that your air suspension is slightly misaligned? Often you can’t realize this until it’s lowered a lot. If this is the case your car wasn’t calibrated perfectly. In order to fix this we developed a function within the app. It can be evened up.
An option for people who like it the extreme way: You can choose to use an extension kit for venting the air suspension completely while it’s in Show Mode.


The installation can be done easily: The module will be connected to the control module of the air suspension via Plug&Play* and is ready for use right away. Like every other module from Cete Automotive it’s tested and has the ECE certification. In order to adjust the air suspension you can use the original drive profiles as well. The car will be lowered or heightened to the desired level.


The Active Suspension Control is compatible with all engine versions of the FY Audi Q5 

  • Audi Q5 FY
  • Audi SQ5 FY


Items including delivery

  • 1x Active Suspension control unit
  • Harness / Adapter (depending on model and motorization)
  • Installation guide (can be found in the download area of our homepage)



  • Not approved in the area of the road traffic act
  • Air suspension required
  • Please tell us in the comment area what model and motorization is present
  • We suggest an installation by a professional workshop
  • * Model-dependent variations possible


  • Weight
    5 lbs
  • SKU
  • Brand
    CETE Automotive
  • Model
    Q5, SQ5
Make Model Year Engine
Audi Q5 FY (18+) 2.0T
Audi SQ5 FY (18+) 3.0T