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Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount
Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount

Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount

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Designed to decrease drivetrain movement while adding the least NVH.

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Eurocode Polyurethane Insert, MQB Engine Mount

The OEM engine mounts on your Volkswagen/Audi are constructed from soft rubber with extra space to allow movement. This design does not take into account spirited driving and is not capable of limiting engine movement on your Volkswagen/Audi vehicles with increased horsepower. To help decrease engine movement EuroCode has designed and tested a polyurethane insert that easily installs in place of the factory rubber mount. The EuroCode engine mount was specifically designed to decrease drivetrain movement while having the least amount of vibration at idle of any aftermarket insert we have tested/installed at our facility. This is specific to the Red (sport series) insert and not the Black (race series) insert.

Once you easily install the mount, drivetrain movement is drastically reduced and you will experience smoother shifts and less engine movement. Unlike other mounts currently available the EuroCode mount features an integrated spacer to properly fill the void in the center of the OEM mount. The integrated spacer allows for an easy installation and insures the spacer is correctly aligned to the OEM mount.

The EuroCode mount is a simple installation that can be performed in a matter of minutes requiring no modification to the factory mount.

Sport (Red): Street version, softer polyurethane compound, to preserve OEM drivability and comfort with very minimal vibration experienced, while providing sufficient Engine support during hard acceleration and shifting on the street and canyons.

Race (Black): Race version, harder polyurethane compound, designed to provide optimum engine support and drivetrain geometry, creating better traction and reducing wheel hop for the track or the drag strip.

Although we are not first to the market with an engine mount insert for the MQB Chassis, our engineers spent a great deal of time, perfecting the design and the durometer of the finished product. This took over 12 revisions and 8,000 total miles of road testing of the various inserts we developed. The end result is a street mount that offers a great deal of performance, with minimal increase in NVH. The race mounts were spec'd to provide the ultimate in traction, while still remaining streetable for most enthusiasts.

What's included:

Aircraft Aluminum spacer, a Stainless Steel Retaining washer and a Class 10.9 Hex Bolt. 

***The torque arm mounts were changed mid year. Please double check to make sure your mount looks like the mount pictured above to ensure a proper fit.***


  • Weight
    1 lbs
  • SKU
  • Brand
    Eurocode Tuning
  • Color
    Race - Black, Sport - Red
Make Model Year Engine
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk7 (15-17) 1.8T
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk7 (15-17) 2.0T
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk5 (06-09) 2.0 TSI
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk5 (06-09) 2.0T FSI
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk7 Sportwagen (15-18) 1.8T
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk6 (10-14) 2.0T
VW R Models Mk7 R (15-17) 2.0T
Audi A3 8V (14+) 1.8 TSI
Audi A3 8V (14+) 2.0 TSI (FWD)
Audi A3 8V (14+) 2.0 TSI (quattro)
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) 2.0 TSI
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) 2.0T FSI
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) VR6 3.2L