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DL501 DSG Software Gen I - '09-'12 - S4/S5/RS5
DL501 DSG Software Gen I - '09-'12 - S4/S5/RS5 DL501 DSG Software Gen I - '09-'12 - S4/S5/RS5 DL501 DSG Software Gen I - '09-'12 - S4/S5/RS5

DL501 DSG Software Gen I - '09-'12 - S4/S5/RS5

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TVS DL501 DSG software set to handle more power while improving performance.

Stage 3 & 4 only available for installation at local TVS dealer.

Notice: Due to varying transmissions between the global market, it is best to purchase the TVS personal flasher first, scan your car, and let us tell you which generation tune to purchase.

  • $399.00

Chiptuning has always been the root foundation of TVS Engineering. They have been on the market for over 12 years and have had thousands of cars optimized by their software and engineers. What makes TVS special is their specialized areas of engine tuning, dsg repairs and diagnostics. With all of their expertise they are able to create the perfect balance between durabilty and maximum performance of your transmisson.

Used in Audi models with Quattro, like: A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/S4/S5/S6/S7 from 2009- until now.

The DL501 is the strongest S-tronic (=DSG) gearbox on the market. Audi designed this gearbox to handle up to 1000Nm of torque at an engine speed of 10.000 rpm. Despite this, the DSG has a lot of issues, especially those produced between 2009 and 2013. The issues are fixable, after some modifications your gearbox should be problem free.

Some unsolvable complains can be fixed with the use of the unique software from TVS-Engineering.

The DL501 can handle up to 1000hp and 1000Nm. (With TVS/DSG software) 

For these top models TVS Engineering has developed a special software. Not only is the transmission gear shifting improved but we also integrate extra unique functions for these models. TVS programs all S-Tronic models. Since 2013, we are the first to program the S4/S5 Generation II.

Known Issues and Symptoms:

  • Q5 2.0 TDI: Extremely low rpm gear shifting. (Droning)
  • Q5 2.0 TSI: Incorrect gear selected
  • All models: Long delay response from the steering wheel shift paddles (except S4/S5)
  • All models: Strong jerk when down-shifting from 2nd -> 1st gear
  • All models with higher mileage: Knocks when down-shifting
  • Flash of the warning light

TVS Software Pack Contains:

  • Optimized D mode shifting programming
  • Optimized S mode shifting programming (e.g. for trailers)
  • Elimination of shocking shift behaviour
  • Improved shifting speed

The TVS-Software does not have any negative effects on fuel consumption.

For more sporty drivers we can also offer:

  • Launch control integration (not delivered ex-works)
  • Improved response time of the steering wheel shift paddles
  • Clutch pressure to hold up to 800Nm is possible (Unique, worldwide)
  • Increased torque limiter

5 Examples Of Issues:

POOR GEAR SHIFTS: 2.0L ENGINES When entering into a roundabout, the DSG has the wrong gear selected. This creates a poor throttle response when accelerating out. This happens when the turbo is not matching with the DSG shift programming.

UNDER REVVING: 2.0 TDI The gear shifts at extremely low rpm speeds. Most of the times the DSG software when you are driving at 65km/h it is already on the 7th gear and about 1150 RPM. When you give it a slight throttle at low RPM you will hear the engine and transmission start making vibration sounds as well as the flywheel making noises. This sound will become more noticeable over time if not fixed and will result in permanent damage to the flywheel. We can fix this problem: By raising the RPM values we can reduce the frequent up-shifts and down-shifts. The gear shifting speeds can even be customized to individual request. The engine and DSG transmission will respond better and faster at the throttle. Our unique software also has protective capabilities to reduce the common reoccuring problems that could result in damages to the clutches and gearbox.

SPORT MODE: The majority of the drivers finds that the DSG in S mode does not drive very well. The DSG down-shifts too early which causes a high engine revving noise and also a high fuel consumption. What we can do for you is to customize the S mode so that it is less aggressive or, if you wish, more usable for pulling a trailer or caravan.

MAXIMUM RPM: TDI The Engine REV limit at full throttle goes up to as high as 4700 RPM (Depending on software versions). We limit this to about 3700-4000 RPM. Effectively the car accelerates faster and of course the life span of the engine and the turbo will last longer.

ALL MODELS WITH HIGHER MILEAGE: The Quattro-Drive slowly gets more and more backlash in the gears. The propeller shaft and rear differential also get more backlash. As a result the transmission occasionally pounds at alternating gear (e.g. during Down-shifting). For cars with these problems, we have developed a special software version. (Unique, world-wide)


  • Torque limit increased
  • Clutch clamp force increased
  • Max shifting RPM increased to 8500 RPM
  • Special launch control function
  • Shifting speeds increased
  • + more!

Max Torque Numbers:

Stage 1: 600nm

Stage 2: 700nm

Stage 2+: 700nm

Stage 3: 800nm

Stage 4: 1000nm


You will need the TVS Personal Flasher to scan your transmission and install this software.

Once you have purchased the TVS personal flasher, scanned your transmission. Purchase the desired stage you would like to go to by choosing from the drop down above. You can then contact us at so we can prepare the purchased file for you to install on your car! Turn around time is around 1 to 2 business days.

Model years 2009 through 2012 

Stage 3 & 4 only available for installation at local TVS dealer.

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