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TVS DL501 DSG Racing Clutch Upgrade

TVS DL501 DSG Racing Clutch Upgrade

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TVS Engineering upgraded DSG race clutch. 

Must be run with TVS stage 4 software and the clutch installed by an authorized TVS dealer or else there is no warranty.

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TVS engineering DSG Race Clutch

Since 2005 TVS Engineering is the pioneer in developing DSG software and hardware upgrades. Over the years we have been developing and further perfecting our DSG products. The TVS DQ250 DSG racing clutches are running strong for years now without any major modifications after the first release back in 2009. Based on this knowledge and experience we further expanded our DSG racing clutches program with the DQ380, DQ381, DQ500 and DL501.

TVS DSG Racing clutches are designed to increase clutch torque capacity to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability. To achieve this we carefully balanced the friction surface area, friction materials, plate designs, and clutch pack shimming. Over the years we have learned that a perfect balance is the key for a good DSG racing clutch. Too often we see clutches with too many friction plates, too thin steel plates and bad friction plate designs.

All of this has a negative effect on the reliability and drivability of the DSG transmission. Too many plates will increase the friction of the clutch resulting in reduced drivability and gear synchronizing issues (noises) nowhere near the factory drivability. Too thin plates, often directly resulting from adding more plates, will reduce the clutch thermal capacity.

DL501 Torque specs:

  • Stock clutch: 800 nm
  • TVS clutch: 1000 nm 

For racing applications, we always advise using our TVS racing clutch!

For the DQ250 transmission, it is advisable to consider our DQ500 conversion over our racing clutch for torque levels above 700Nm. For the DQ380/DQ381 it is advisable to consider our DQ500 gearbox conversion above 800Nm.


Due to extremely high shipping costs, the core fee has been added to the total and there will be no core return.

  • Weight
    24 lbs
  • SKU
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    TVS Engineering
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