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VWR Adjustbale Top Mount - VWR43G500

Racingline Adjustable top mounts (camber plates)

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    10 lbs
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Direct swap plates which require no cutting and are completely reversible back to standard.

  • $549.00

If you are serious about high performance driving with some track use thrown in, the Racingline Solid Adjustable Top Mounts really give a night-and-day difference to wheel control and geometry, and make a great upgrade to your Racingline coilover suspension kit.

The front camber angle on VWG cars is fixed as standard. For track and high-performance use, additional negative camber is highly desirable. The VWR Solid Adjustable Top Mounts allow this geometry to be altered to transform front-end grip.

Additionally, by replacing the entire, soft rubber factory top mount with a precisely engineered, near-solid replacement, the precision of your wheel control is transformed as strut top movement is all but eliminated. Rather than the 'squidge' under load from the original rubber mounts, you will feel instant, precise responses with much improved feedback, yet maintaining surprisingly good refinement.

Please note, as this is a race derived part, to ensure easy access to the adjusters bodywork modification may be required and also requires VWR Linear Race Spring upgrade.


  • VWR Solid Adjustable Top Mounts give you the facility to add negative camber (bringing the tops of the wheels inboard).
  • This gives a night-and-day difference on track by keeping the wheels upright during hard cornering, avoiding excessive wear and overheat on the outside edge of tyres on-track.
  • Fitment assists clearance of the tyre inside the wheel arch. Adding in negative camber tucks the tops of the wheels inboard.
  • Eliminate strut top movement while still allowing smooth rotational movement and surprisingly good refinement through the PillowBall top bearing.
  • Transform the feeling of directness and connection to the car, eradicating the slack and rubberiness that is the case in production cars.
  • Weight
    10 lbs
  • SKU
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Make Model Year Engine
Audi TTS Mk II (09-15) 2.0T FSI
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) 2.0 TSI
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) 2.0T FSI
Audi TT Mk II (08-15) VR6 3.2L
Audi A3 8P (05-13) 2.0 TSI (FWD)
Audi A3 8P (05-13) 2.0T FSI
Audi A3 8P (05-13) 3.2L V6
Audi A3 8P (05-13) TDI
VW Jetta Mk5 (05-10) 2.0 TSI
VW Jetta Mk5 (05-10) 2.0T FSI
VW Jetta Mk5 (05-10) 2.5L
VW Jetta Mk5 (05-10) TDI
VW Jetta Mk6 (11-14) 1.8T Gen 3
VW Jetta Mk6 (11-14) 2.0T Gen3 GLI (13.5-14)
VW Jetta Mk6 (11-14) 2.0T GLI (12-13)
VW Jetta Mk6 (11-14) 2.5L
VW Jetta Mk6 (11-14) TDI
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk5 (06-09) 2.0 TSI
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk5 (06-09) 2.0T FSI
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk5 (06-09) 2.5L
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk6 (10-14) 2.0T
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk6 (10-14) 2.5L
VW Golf/GTI/Rabbit Mk6 (10-14) TDI
VW R Models Mk6 R (12-13) 2.0T FSI
VW R Models Mk5 R32 (08) VR6 3.2L