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About Us

Chances are that if you have been involved in modifying Audis or VWs, you have heard of EuroCode Tuning.  We are THE premiere tuning shop for Audis, VWs, and Porsche.  However, unlike other “shops,” we don’t just install exhausts and springs and call it a day.  From competing in various GP races for Eurotuner Magazine to prepping vehicles for SEMA, our pedigree is impressive to say the least.  We have extensive relationships with many suppliers.  In fact, EuroCode won APR’s United States Dealer of the Year Award for 2012.  We also won the Southwester Dealer of the Year Award for 2012 and have done so every year from 2007 through 2012 (every year we have been an APR dealer).

We specialize in custom engine builds, engine calibration, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, and turbo/supercharger upgrades.  We also offer all major name brand products (such as KW, Motul, HRE, Milltek, etc), as well as general maintenance (such as oil changes and periodic factory service).  Additional services include repair, diagnostics, aerodynamic kits, custom electronics installations, European headlight conversions, and interior upgrades.

We invest heavily into updating our diagnostic software systems and specialized repair equipment: we have the same resources that dealers have access to.  We also are fortunate enough to be located near a few dyno shops, allowing us to do what few others can- prove the gains on our products for everyone to see.  EuroCode can provide all the services you need for your vehicle and at the same time build a relationship with you as a client.  That’s the reason people consistently drive thousands of miles from other states to have us work on their cars.

EuroCode’s success is based on two things: our down-to-earth service and our premium products.  Clients bring their finely crafted German machines to us, and we elevate the car to whole new levels with our exclusive upgrades.  All of EuroCode’s products are designed in-house, built only with the best components, and proudly manufactured in the USA.

We manufacture the best intercooler kits, silicone hose upgrades, suspension systems, and specialized CNC aluminum components.  We only sell products that we would put on our own cars- those sway bars for your B8 A4 are backed up by thousands of miles of testing on cars we own and daily drive.

EuroCode takes it a step further by innovating new and relevant products (often patented), that are exclusive to our brand. One such example is our Alu Kreuz stabilizer bar, which tightens up the steering feedback of the vehicle, completely transforming how the car feels to the driver. EuroCode’s favorite creation is the Meisterwerk Short Shifter- not only have forum members raved about the improved shifting, but the piece itself is beautifully crafted and designed with adjustability that no other shifter can compete with.

We competed in the 2013 EuroTuner GP event with our Audi S6 with the only performance modification being APR’s Stage 1 ECU tune.  We blew the doors off of some of the race cars with roll cages and stripped interiors despite our car having all the luxury amenities still intact and weighing in at a few hundred pounds heavier than the competition.  EuroCode also competed in the 2012 Tuner GP event with a signal green B8 S4. The car had all the EuroCode goodies, including the Meisterwerk Adjustable Short Throw Shifter, ÜSS Adjustable Sway Bar Set, Alu Kreuz drivetrain stabilizer bar, front and rear end links, EuroCode headers, APR Stage 2 with accompanying pulley upgrade, as well as KW V3s. Despite being heavier and down on power than many of its competitors, our car still fought above its weight class and succeeded. The same goodies that helped this S4 lap a C63 AMG and nip at the heels of a Porsche 911 Turbo, are also available to all of you!  Previous to that, we competed in the 2011 race as well in our Sprint Blue B8 S4.