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Eurocode Tuning APR At Home Programming - Emrys

Eurocode is happy to announce Emrys, the solution to APR at home flashing. 

Eurocode is now offering an at-home flashing solution that allows you to flash your ECU or TCU with APR performance software without having to leave your house! With the Eurocode Emrys Tuning program and with the help from our in-house professionals we are making it very easy to put more power to your wheels with little work on your end!

Simply purchase the APR ECU or TCU tune from and follow the steps below to get your car flashed at home!

Eurocode Tuning APR At Home Flashing - Terms and Conditions

The At Home Tuning Process:

To make the process as smooth as possible you will need to have TeamViewer installed on your computer to allow our technicians to remote access in to install the tune. If your car has another performance tune it will need to be flashed back to stock before we are able to flash the APR software at home for you. If this is not done it can lead to a bricked ECU. Eurocode tuning and APR are not liable for your ECU bricking, however, we can and will assist you with instructions in the chance of this occurring. 

Requirements For At Home Flashing:

  1. APR ECU or TCU software purchase through
  2. APR software flashing Cheetah Cable 

Recommended Hardware For At Home Flashing:

  1. Ross-Tech VCDS Diagnostics Cable
  2. Portable Battery Pack

Required - Team Viewer Remote Session For At Home Flashing:

After you purchase the APR ECU/TCU tune from, you will call us to set up a time for one of our techs to remote into your computer and flash your car from the comfort of your home. This will require you to download TeamViewer on the laptop you will be using to flash the car BEFORE the scheduled appointment. Once that is installed we will supply you with a TeamViewer ID and a temporary password so we can gain access to your laptop at the time of the appointment.

Optional - Ross-Tech VCDS Software Download

To scan and clear codes from your car during the at home remote flashing session you will need a Ross-Tech VCDS cable and the VCDS software installed on your laptop. 

Ross tech software download instructions.

VCDS download link