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EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit
EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit

EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit

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Take your shifts to the next level with this racing clutch kit. (for 3.0T and 4.2FSI)

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EuroCode Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch Kit

EuroCode Tuning is proud to release our Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch kit for Audi’s B8 Chassis. Eurocode’s Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch is derived from pure racing technology and performs exceptionally on high performance street applications.  The Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch is designed to hold extremely high horsepower and torque, while delivering reasonable drivability on the street.

The foundation of the Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch is the precision balanced 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Flywheel coupled with a steel pedestal.  The Meisterwerk Flywheel weighs 21 pounds and the complete Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch weighs 29 pounds.

Rather than regurgitating what has been offered as a performance clutch by most manufacturers, Eurocode chose to step away from the ideology of modifying an OEM clutch assembly to try to get it to handle more torque.  Instead we opted for a race proven Tilton metallic clutch assembly.

Since 1972, Tilton clutches have grown to become one of the most widely used and successful clutches in racing.

Features of the Meisterwerk Billet Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel:

  • 6061 T6 billet aluminum precision CNC milled flywheel
  • Replaceable friction surface eliminates the need to resurface flywheel
  • Precision CNC milled flywheel pedestal
  • Designed and manufactured in California

Features of the Tilton OT-II Series Multi-Plate Clutch:

  • Open, one piece clutch cover design provides lower operating temperature, high strength and minimal deflection for quick shifting.
  • Chrome vanadium diaphragm springs and an engineered pressure plate geometry provides a high clamp load-to-wear ratio, low release load and quick shifting.
  • High-strength steel pressure and floater plates.
  • Twin .283” thick friction discs provide low inertia, excellent wear resistance and withstands elevated temperatures.
  • Hardened steel thrust buttons provide smooth and durable surface for pressure and floater plates.
  • Dynamic spin balanced
  • Individually inspected for proper assembly and balance
  • Low rebuild cost
  • Manufactured in California 

Also Included:

  • New, custom modified OEM release bearing with bearing guide
  • New, OEM Pilot Bearing
  • Clutch alignment tool for installation
  • New installation hardware

The Meisterwerk Multi-Plate Clutch has a standard rating of 670 foot/pounds of torque, but can be custom ordered with range of 570, 820 & 910 foot/pounds of torque.  To change the torque rating of the kit, one just needs to simply swap out the diaphragm spring and pressure plates (must be performed by an authorized Tilton service center).

In addition to the standard twin cerametallic plates, it can also optionally be ordered in a twin carbon disc setup for those who desire the ultimate in performance and longevity.


We set out to design and manufacture the ultimate race clutch for the B8 chassis, while still retaining street-ability.  Several revisions were made to dial in the pedal height and smooth out the engagement/disengagement of the clutch.  The end result is a clutch that is very easy to drive, which will withstand multiple launches or high RPM shifts.

Because this is a lightweight multi-plate racing clutch assembly, there will be certain noises such as mild gear rattle as well as the sound of the friction plates when the clutch is disengaged. You may experience judder during very low RPM / high load scenarios such as driving in fifth gear at 1200 RPMs.

The Tilton OT-Series Multi-Plate Clutch is fully rebuildable.  During our testing and development we have seen the clutch discs last anywhere from 5,000 to 35,000 miles based upon driving style.


Eurocode Tuning will not be responsible for labor charges and other intangible or consequent losses that might be claimed as a result of the failure of any part, nor shall they be liable for damages or injury to any persons or property resulting from the misuses or improper installation of any part subject to this warranty. 

Eurocode Tuning reserves the right to inspect all parts returned to determine why the part in question has failed. Eurocode Tuning may choose to replace, repair or credit partial or complete any or all parts found defective after the inspection if we see fit. Any labor and shipping fees to or from Eurocode, involving the returned parts, are the responsibility of the customer and not Eurocode Tuning.

Clutch orders may take roughly 7-10 business days from order to ship

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  • Weight
    40 lbs
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    Eurocode Tuning
Make Model Year Engine
Audi S4 B8 (10-12) 3.0T
Audi S4 B8.5 (13-17) 3.0T
Audi S5 B8 (08-12) V8 4.2L
Audi S5 B8.5 (13-17) 3.0T