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iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade For MK8 Golf R & 8Y S3
iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade For MK8 Golf R & 8Y S3 iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade For MK8 Golf R & 8Y S3 iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade For MK8 Golf R & 8Y S3

iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade For MK8 Golf R & 8Y S3

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The iE Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Upgrade for your VW MK8 Golf R or Audi 8Y S3 delivers extreme control and agility with up to 104% more stiffness than stock. Experience a new level of grip and improved turn-in feel as you enter aggressive corners. Specifically engineered with a 25mm diameter, quality spring steel, and poly bushings to deliver handling performance on demand while retaining a comfortable ride and a long-life silent operation. Say goodbye to understeer for good and tackle turns with a whole new level of confidence.


  • Reduced body roll -Body stays flatter and stable through turns
  • Defeat understeer -Corner faster and with more control
  • Adjustable stiffness -Dial in your suspension feel
  • Increased grip -Keep wheel contact with the ground
  • Teflon lined poly bushings -Eliminates sloppy bushing flex




With a carefully selected outer diameter of 25mm, the iE rear sway bar upgrade achieves the ideal balance between optimum performance in the twisties and maintaining a comfortable ride in your daily journeys. Combined with our one-piece spring steel design, this diameter increases stiffness upt to 104% over stock, enhancing control in the turns. Our thoughtful sizing maintains a smooth and comfortable ride without excessive vibrations or harshness with all the exhilaration of spirited driving when you want -truly the best of both worlds.


The iE rear sway bar delivers greater control and stability during cornering maneuvers by maximizing grip at the rear wheels and reducing body roll. Understeer tendencies are counteracted, allowing your all-wheel drive vehicle to rotate more efficiently through corners. Whether navigating winding roads or pushing the limits on the track, get ready for a new level of turning precision and responsiveness and kiss understeer goodbye.


Dial in your perfect handling feel with our user-adjustable stiffness settings. The rear mounting position provides a softer feel from an 74% increase in stiffness than the stock sway bar. For a more aggressive and responsive experience, the front mounting hole delivers an impressive 104% increase in stiffness. This customization provides an easy method to create a personalized driving experience.


iE sway bars deliver strength and agility through a robust 5mm wall thickness to retain necessary strength while keeping weight to a minimum. This intelligent design effectively controls body roll and distributing forces without the risk of breakage or bending.


Designed to eliminate the "sloppy" feel of the stock rubber bushings, iE polyurethane bushings significantly reduce bushing flex between the sway bar and chassis for a tighter suspension feel. A durable Teflon coating is applied to the bushing that keeps your sway bar operating squeak-free so you can attack the turns without annoying sounds.

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