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iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5
iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5 iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5 iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5 iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5

iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5

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iE Air-To-Air FDS Intercooler System For Audi B9 RS5

The iE Air-To-Air Intercooler System for your Audi RS5 2.9TT has been obsessively optimized in every dimension to maximize flow, efficiency, and volume. With a staggering 997.36% increase in volume compared to stock, it offers unmatched cooling capabilities. Our cutting-edge FDS (Flow Distribution System) technology ensures even charge air distribution across the expansive core, further enhancing efficiency by reducing intake air temperatures and minimizing pressure drop. Defeat heat soak for good and experience the full potential of your twin-turbo RS5.


  • Air-To-Air Design -Higher capacity design for extreme cooling
  • iE proprietary FDS -Directs airflow evenly across the core
  • Market leading size - 997.36% more volume than stock
  • Easy power gain -Efficient upgrade for any power level
  • Defeat heat soak -More power from your upgrades for longer



Your factory 2.9TT water-cooled intercooler relies on a severely undersized core volume of only 1,870cm³ and shared engine coolant to regulate air intake temperatures. Even in completely stock form, spirited and normal driving leads to significant rises in air temperatures, resulting in power reduction. The cooling benefits of water are not enough to compensate for the tiny intercooler size, coupled with the increased water weight and heat demands on the radiator.

The iE intercooler adopts a traditional air-to-air design, divorcing the core from engine coolant. This strategic shift substantially increases core volume to 18,500cm³ (10X larger!), providing an extensive surface area for efficient heat dissipation. This separation delivers unmatched cooling for even the most serious builds, less water weight, and allows the factory radiator to focus on keeping the drivetrain cool.


What's the use of a large intercooler core if it can't efficiently harness the increased volume and surface area of the core? IE's Flow Distribution System (FDS) places precisely shaped fins inside the end tank to ensure uniform airflow across the core surface area evenly. This advanced design element enhances heat distribution and enables quicker recovery. When it comes to significantly reducing intake air temperatures (IAT) for maximal power gains, IE's FDS technology stands as the proven cheat code.


Despite its impressive size, this intercooler has been meticulously designed for a precise fit. iE engineers utilize state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment and rapid prototyping techniques, guaranteeing a snug yet perfect installation.


The provided thick-gauge stainless steel and aluminum mount brackets with our reinforced casting mounts are meticulously engineered to ensure longevity and worry-free operation. Every mounting boss and surface undergoes precision CNC machining and meticulous hand verification to guarantee an exact fit. Despite its substantial size, the intercooler seamlessly retains the factory crash bar, prioritizing safety without compromising performance.


To ensure maximum quality, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding craftsmanship, each intercooler undergoes precise hand TIG welding by skilled intercooler specialists. Following welding, every unit undergoes rigorous post-welding multi-point critical inspections and thorough testing in a leak-down station. This stringent manufacturing process guarantees a reliable product ready to install and performs flawlessly right out of the box.



Heat soak occurs when the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) generated by the turbos exceed the cooling capacity of the intercooler and passes hot air to the engine. When air temperatures rise, the engine programming responds by pulling timing and boost back to safe levels to accomodate. The result is a noticeable loss of power during acceleration and long pulls. The iE Intercooler dramatically increases the core size and effecient use of the surface area with FDS technology to significantly reduced intake air temperatures consistently lower than OEM, keeping your RS5 at it's maximum peak output.


This graph illustrates the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) gain comparison between the factory intercooler and the iE air-to-air design. Each line represents the average of six consecutive 12-second pulls in a single gear on a Stage 1 RS5. The results are exceptional and demonstrate consistently lower and stable IATs with the iE intercooler across every pull.

It's worth noting that this testing was conducted on a hub dyno. Real-world conditions, with the vehicle in motion and airflow passing through the intercooler, are expected to yield even more impressive cooling results.


Power testing reveals consistent impacts on horsepower and torque. The graph provided details the power gained over the stock intercooler in back-to-back testing under identical conditions. By effectively lowering Intake Air Temperatures (IATs), controlling pressure drop, and maximizing flow, the iE intercooler delivers significant power improvements across the entire RPM range, boasting gains of 36HP and 35ft-lbs of torque!

While some power enhancements can be attributed to denser and cooler charge air, the majority of gains stem from reduced timing and boost pull resulting from lower intake temperatures, further validating the exceptional efficiency of the air-to-air design.

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